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How to hire the right plumber – By Humming Plumbing, an Orange County plumbing service company.

Can you fix your plumbing yourself? Yes, you can save on the cost of a plumber if you are willing to get your hands dirty. A lot of toilet and faucet leaks can be done by the home owners and require simple tools and parts. There are thousands of DIY videos on YouTube that explain in detail how to repair your plumbing. You can find most of the parts at any Home Depot in Orange County and if you need a specialty plumbing part there are more than 50 plumbing supply houses in Orange County if you just Google them. Please be extra careful when you do your own plumbing repair as even the smallest leak from a 50 cent fitting can cause a plumbing disaster; water damage is costly and could disturb your life for weeks.

It is better to establish a relationship with a plumber before a plumbing emergency happens. Start your new plumber with routine maintenance, simple repair or just fixture installation, this way you can test his dependability, professionalism and prices. Orange County is filled with honest, affordable plumbers. Humming Plumbing is a plumbing company serving all of Orange County 24/7 and we would be delighted to establish a relationship with you and stand by you for all your plumbing needs.

Your Plumber must be:

Licensed: The state of California requires plumbers to be licensed, if you ask me it keeps them in check and they will be liable in front of the contractor board for any mistakes or misconduct.

Insured: Confirming that your plumber is insured is one of the most important aspect of choosing a plumber, mistakes can happen and you need to make sure that you are covered against them; most insured plumbers will be covered for a million dollars or more.

Bonded: Means that a bonding company has secured an amount of money in case you have any claim against the company, they then take care of the compensation amount.

Understand which plumber you need - new construction or a service plumber:

Most likely you will need a residential / commercial service plumber. This technician’s job is to clean drains and sewer lines, hydro jetting your pipes, repair broken pipes, leak detection and repair, water heater repair and installations, fixtures installation, unclog toilets and sinks, etc.
A construction plumber is responsible for reading blue prints, pipes layout and reviewing city codes to determine work procedure, most of the time working on new construction or a large remodel.

What company size should you choose?

A medium sized plumbing company is the best for you. Here in Orange County, CA, there are thousands of plumbing companies, ranging from single person operations to hundreds of plumbers and employees. For your home repairs you should go with a medium size company. You may ask, why? It is very simple, single person operations are usually not very reliable, may be hard to get hold of, have jobs all over Orange County and would take a long time to get to you, if he is busy with a big repair you might have to wait for a long time and most turn off their cell phones at night.

On the contrary, in a very large company there is no personal service, you are just a number, every branch operates independently, not to mention that running a large plumbing business in Orange County is very costly which will reflect significantly on your bill.

Make sure that your plumber warranties his work, and offers satisfaction guaranteed.
Humming Plumbing, Orange County plumbers, serving Orange County 24/7.